Thursday, December 8, 2011


Mom and Dad haven't been on a roller coaster ride in a while so I thought I would help out with that. I was doing really well for a few days and then hit another bump in the road. First and foremost, Father Andrew came to baptize me Tuesday night! It was just me, my parents, and Father Andrew, but we will have a ceremony with the rest of my family once I get home and get a little older.

So here's what happened...late Monday night I started hurting very bad. I was fussy all night and nothing really helped. I also started having my apnea and bradycardia spells again. I had about 3 that night. The nurse wasn't sure what was wrong. Then, my day nurse came in at 7am Tuesday morning. I continued to fuss and I had three brady's before 9 that morning. The nurse called Mom and tattled on me then punished me by putting me back on the Vapotherm. Mom and Dad showed up shortly after and I was really being bad. It was very difficult for the nurses to get me to start breathing again so Dad even started knocking me around some. I don't have kids, but they tell me that it's not easy watching your child continue to stop breathing. Mom says blue is NOT my color. Come to find out, I had a bad hernia on my right side.

Doc says hernias are common in preemies, but they are usually able to "reduce" them and then repair it before going home. The surgeon said that mine was very difficult to reduce so she felt like they should go ahead and do surgery.

Got milk? NOPE, sure don't!! They stopped my feeds, started me on antibiotics and fluid, ran some blood tests, and got me all prepped for surgery Tuesday afternoon. Surgery was scheduled for 7am Wednesday morning as long as my blood cultures were negative (showing no infection). Luckily, they were negative and still are at 48 hours.

Surgery went fine, but seriously, what the heck is this tube doing down my throat?? Unfortunately, I am still on the ventilator. My blood gases are okay but not good enough for them to start weaning me from the ventilator. This morphine stuff is not too shabby though... am resting comfortably. I'll keep yall posted on my progress.

Dad says I am grounded...for life.

On a good note, they did my repeat cranial ultrasound on Monday, and the "hazy" spot they were concerned with looks normal. High fives all around!!

Hopefully before my next update I will be doing much better! Here are some pictures - a few from before my hernia and some from my baptism. I will add my post-op pics in a bit. Again, sorry they are not in order - this app needs an update! Talk to y'all soon!

Beau Hudson

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