Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sorry I have not given you all an update, been busy recovering. I heard that Mom let you all know I had another hernia, yes, another one...sheesh!! Luckily, it was small, but just like the last, it was difficult for the surgeon to reduce so she felt that surgery was necessary. Not sure if I told you before, but hernias are common in preemies because our muscle walls are very thin. FYI - if it weren't for the surgery, I really could have been home by Mom says, "aww nuts!". I cannot repeat what Dad would say.

Everything went fine, but when I woke up with that tube down my throat again, I knew I had to do something. I was not a happy camper and started trying to yank it out. The nurses got the hint and took it out for me. I put in a good word for them up at the North Pole; they are on Santa's nice list for sure! I was so glad I came off the ventilator right after surgery but I was still pretty out of it from the anesthesia. They put me on the low flow cannula and gave me a room air trial at 4. I did well for about an hour then failed. No biggie...I am still on the low flow cannula and my nurse will give me another room air trial tonight.

I am taking my bottle well, again, so they stopped the fluids and took my iv out today. I weighed a whopping 6 pounds 11 ounces last night...just call me chunky monkey II. I think part of it was the fluids so I may lose a little over the next couple of days, but I am trying to put meat on my bones as best I can.

Okay, bad news...I had a breathing episode tonight. That sets me back 5 days =(. I told the nurses that I was just kidding with them, but they didn't think it was too funny. No sense of humor whatsoever, ugh. Guess they don't teach that in nursing school.

Overall, I am doing well and hoping to get back to where I was before surgery. My nurses say that I am doing great, considering. Well, I'm pretty sleepy so I'll keep y'all posted. OH - I am now in the special care nursery and I have another amigo across the way!! Buenas noches!


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