Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Livin' the life!

I can't believe that it has almost been 3 weeks since I came home!  I know, I have been slacking, sorry!  I officially made it home on January 5th, two days past my due date.  I weighed 7 pounds 10.8 ounces the night before I came home.  Yep, .8 oz heavier than Reid when he was born (I win!).  Things are going great at home, and the only equipment I had to bring with me was my apnea monitor.  It sure beats being in the hospital, although I do miss all of my pretty nurses =)

So, like it says in the title, I have been livin' the life!  I eat a lot, sleep a lot, and, well, you know the rest...what more could a kid ask for, except for a BCS Championship or Super Bowl title?!?  Yes, I know, still a touchy subject around here too.  I almost had to be re-admitted to the NICU for high blood pressure during that game.  Evidently my jersey didn't bring the tigers good luck.  If you know my Dad, then you know how superstitious he is.  He said I had to burn the jersey.  Luckily, Mom has the final say so in this house (shhh, don't tell Dad), so the jersey stays!! There's always next year, right?? 

Reid loves me, well, most of the time, anyway.  He is super affectionate, and likes to tickle me, talk to me, and he even tries to feed me sometimes.  Too bad he's not tall enough to actually pour something into the cup he feeds me with!  So Mom stays busy trying to keep him from loving on me too much.  He already reclaimed his bouncy seat...such an Indian giver!!  Doesn't he know there is a weight limit on that thing??  He does get a little jealous when Mom is feeding me and not him or holding me and not him, but all in all, he is being a great big brother! 

The home health nurse comes to visit a couple times a week.  We were friends up until she gave me a Synagis vaccine last Friday, hmmph!  The vaccine helps prevent and lessen the severity of RSV, if contracted.  It is a monthly shot, given during peak RSV season, so I guess she will come back to torture me again next month.  During her normal visits she weighs me, listens to my breathing, and checks to make sure everything is going well and that I am not having too many episodes.  I have had a few; one while Mom was driving, oops, others when I eat and choke, and the rest at random times.  There are a few false alarms, though.  Luckily, the alarm doesn't wake me up, although it is loud enough to wake the neighbors.  Mom says she is going to keep that thing strapped to me until I am 18.  She is one tough cookie!  I think she just needs a drink, or two, or three, hehe.  Anyways, today, I was 9 pounds 2 ounces!!  Go me...I'm a big boy now!
Mom and I stay busy going to all of my doctor appointments...the pediatrician, the surgeon, the eye doctor, etc.  They are all pretty nice, except for the eye doctor.  He is relentless!  Everything is looking good so far!

Well, that about sums it up for now.  Before I go, I, along with my family, want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for all of your love, support, and especially prayers over the last few months.  It is hard to believe I was in the hospital for 88 days, but we got through it, and we are so happy to be home.  We love all of you and want to thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts!  I will drop in every now and then to let you know how things are going! 

Beau Hudson

Getting all buckled in!

 Heading down Airline on our way home!!


I think he liked the moose on my shirt more than me...

 ...but then he wanted to crawl in.  He could crush me!

My big brother loves me =)

First night in my OWN bed...all snuggled in.

He likes to give me high fives.

Did I mention Reid loves me??

It's a rough life.

Two words - MAX'D OUT!  I mean, holy moly, look at the size of those thighs!

Almost game time...

Next year, Saints, next year...

 Night night!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peace out!!!

Okay, so we had more commotion, go figure. Mom says it comes with my last name (hehe, I think that was to be kept between us...guess I AM my father's son!).

So I was supposed to go home earlier in the week, but like I mentioned before, the nurses who had to set up my monitor had the flu. Not only that, but the caffeine was backordered at the walgreens warehouse...seriously?!?! So the doctors decided to go ahead and take me off of the caffeine in case mom was never able to fill the prescription, etc. etc. I suggested coca cola, the nurse said, "not so much". Anyway, when they take us little ones off of caffeine, they have to keep us here and monitor us for at least 5 days to make sure we don't have any of those episodes that I am so famous for.

GREAT news...no episodes, I am eating wonderfully, passed my carseat test tonight, mom and I are having a slumber party in the hospital as we speak, and I am heading home tomorrow. Yes, I said it...HOME!!!

Just wanted to pass that along, but it's lights out time so I will let you know once we make it out of here.