Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm baaaack!!

Hey, Hi, Hello, Hola!!  Remember me???  A few of you have requested that I continue to keep you updated on little ol me again.  Well, after a year hiatus from blogging (yeah, I've been busy, what can I say?)...I'm back!  Like I said, I'm a busy fella, but I will try my darndest to keep in touch!
So, looks like it was exactly one year ago that I posted my last update.  Sheesh, how time flies!  Today I am 18 months old.  I cannot believe I survived the past year, to be honest.  I thought for sure between the 5,672 appointments, someone was going to do me in.  I sure miss all of my nurses in the NICU, but I have made a few new "frien-emies", as I like to call them.  All of which I scream at the second they walk in the room.  No, I am not exaggerating...touch me and you will feel the wrath!  I am over each and every one of you after the countless appointments due to ear infections, wheezing/asthma episodes, breathing treatments, physical and speech therapy appointments, orthopedist and  neurology checkups, surgeries, allergy tests, my first haircut (sorry Mimi!), just to name a few.  I am fully aware you are trying to help, but I have been poked, prodded, cut on, and just plain messed with waaay too much in my short little life.  It's kind of Mom's fault (then again, it usually is, right?).  She is definitely a bit more cautious with me, but I guess each of those appointments was for a good reason.  The doctors always tell her she had reason to bring me in.  Thanks a lot, guys!
Good news second set of tubes seem to be working (as of a few weeks ago), my adenoids are gone for now, I am babbling more and more every day, eating eating and eating some more, I am not showing any signs of any "conditions" thus far, my eyes are good, and yep, wait for it....I AM WALKING!! 
I overheard my PT telling mom at our first few appointments that she should not expect me to walk until I was 2 due to my history.  Lady - this is ME we are talking about here!  She acts like I was early or something?!?!  I am one determined, independent, motivated, (and frustrated) individual, and I am ready to hang with the big kids!  Plus, I have to break all of Reid's records anyway...
- Reid walked at 15 months (and that's being reeeaaalllly nice).  If you adjust my age for that whole prematurity thing, I am 15 months today, and I've been pretty mobile for a couple weeks now.
- Reid has undergone 1 surgery (tubes).  Me, I am working with 5 surgeries under my belt.
- Ummm...okay, so maybe that's it for now, but I am definitely keeping track, in case Mom and Dad aren't.
Moving right along...we moved into our new house back in October, yay.  That little house in the back got a bit crowded once I came home.  We celebrated my 1st birthday 6 months, if I knew how much fun birthday parties were, I would have come home a lot sooner!  We went trick or treating (not from an incubator), spent our first Thanksgiving as a family, we woke up altogether Christmas morning for the first time, rang in the New Year, went to our first Mardi Gras parade, and basically, we are just taking things one day at a time.  This past year was filled with a lot of "firsts" and boy, it was great! 
I really am loving life, although I would love it a lot more if Mom and Dad would let me live outside.  A tent is fine, I'm not picky, just let me stay outside!  Evidently, Mom thinks I may have some allergies so she has not given me free reign just yet.  I do try to sneak out every chance I get, and I'm a quick one so you gotta watch out!  When Mom is gone, I usually suck up to Dad a bit and yep, we get to ride on the ranger, woohoo!!!  (Shhhhhh, don't tell Mom)!
On a more serious note, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Unfortunately, I missed my NICU reunion last weekend.  However, I often think about the 88 days I spent over there, the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me, and all of my buddies that were couped up in there, too.  I pray every night for all the sweet babies going through what I went through, some not as severe, and others who really struggle and are fighting for their are all angels, and proof that big things do come in small packages.  Every one of you who came before me was an inspiration to me and gave my family hope that I, too, would be walking and running around one day, just as my big bro is.  I have made it, and for all of you who have come after me, you will make it too!  It is a long and bumpy road sometimes, but we are fighters!  Don't believe me?  Ask Reid - he won't get in the ring with me anymore ; ) 
Until next time...hugs from me!

Ugh, Physical therapy!

Allergy test!

Eat your heart out, ladies!

Daddy's deer he killed behind Pawpaw's house.

Guess what I had to show to get these?!

Love me some sonic ice!

First donut...enough said!

Do you think my tractor's sexy?
Piano jam at Mawmaw Resa's house!

First Happy Meal...don't be fooled by my face.  I am my mother's son and I do love chicken nugs!

Thanks for the cake, Sawyer!

Jumping with big brother


Just hangin out!

Yep, that's me, at the big boy table!

That's what Mom is not supposed to know about!!  Someone tell Reid, that hat is like 10 sizes too small, please.

Beau Hudson Soulier - 18 months