Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas and hopefully a Happy New Year!!

A very late Merry Christmas to everyone!! I have been in the middle of a tug of war the past few days so I have not had time for an update. First, I was supposed to go home on Tuesday, then Friday (tomorrow), and now, hopefully Monday. So yep, still here. Evidently, both home health nurses that are supposed to hook up my heart monitor are laid up in bed with the flu. Doc doesn't want them anywhere near me, my house, or my parents. I think they just like me over here and don't want to let go! Cut the cord already, sheesh!! I'm not going to lie, I am really going to miss my nurses!

Christmas day was great; I finally got to meet my big brother!!  The nurses snuck him in for a quick picture.  Unfortunately, he took one look at Mommy holding me and cried.  He was not big on Dad holding me either.  Watch out, buddy, there is a new sherrif in town.  J/k; I love you, Reid!  We will be best buds before you know it.
I passed my room air trial which began at 2am Christmas morning, right as Santa was strolling through the special care nursery. He was proud, but a little disappointed because the nurse wouldn't let me plug my tree in...I promised extra double stuff Oreos next year, so we are good. The head nurse on the other hand, pretty sure she is on the naughty list for that.

I am still doing great off of the oxygen except that I tend to breathe a little heavy when I eat. Speaking of eating, I am up to 55 mL every three hours. Sometimes, it is a bit of a struggle because of my reflux. Luckily, I get a dose of Prevacid each day, and I will grow out of it...hopefully sooner rather than later. I also like to hold my breath every now and then so mom has to watch me closely. I like to keep her on her toes =)

I have hit the 7 pound mark!!  7 pounds 2 ounce as of tonight. It's crazy to think that I was just a wee little thing two and a half short months ago. Can't call me little Beau peep now, huh Dad?  More like one of the three little pigs!  I have heard the name "Porker" thrown around...not sure if I am a fan, but it sure beats being 2 pounds!

I guess that is about it for now. Hopefully I will be able to ring in the new year at home, but if not, they say I can stay until my due date, January 3rd, before they give me the boot. We will just sit here and twiddle our thumbs until home health is back up and running. Have to study hard for my carseat test coming up, and I have pictures tomorrow...gotta get my beauty sleep! Can't wait to see what it's like on the outside!!

Beau Hudson

This was obviously about half a pound ago.

Eatin time; my favorite time of the day.

My new room


Finally...all together!

So now he is happy...he has Mom all to himself.

Hanging out with Dad

It sure is rough being a baby!

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