Thursday, October 27, 2011

A's and B's...

Well, I was definitely spoiling everyone with my good progress. I started having more and more "spells" of apnea and bradycardia...A's and B's, for short. I thought I was doing something know, learning my alphabet, but Mom quickly informed me that I was misbehaving. Apnea is a period where I stop breathing and in preemies, like me, it is a pause in breathing that lasts longer than 20 seconds, which causes bradycardia (a drop in my oxygen level). Basically, I forget to breathe sometimes. This is something that is very common in preemies and it is something that I will grow out of, so no worries! My punishment - back on the Vapotherm nasal cannula. I'm still breathing on my own, but I just need a little extra air pressure, that's all.

On a good note, I am tolerating my feeds well. Within the next day or so I will be receiving 100% milk and no more fluid. Yay! I am weighing in at 3 pounds 3 ounces...gaining slowly, but gaining!

I got to snuggle with Mom today and Dad is hanging out with me now. Unfortunately, when Lala came to visit yesterday the old nurse wouldn't let her and Mom hold me. What does she know, hmmph. Maybe next time, Lala.

They took my girlfriends away =(. I will have to sneak out and find them when the nurses aren't watching.

Guess that's about it for now. Enjoy the pictures! Love y'all!


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