Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little note from Beau

Hey everyone!

I thought I would drop in and let you all know that I have had another really good day!  They took out the "lines" going in my umbilical cord so I can finally lay on my belly...I am a happy camper!  Dad came to visit today and said I looked so comfy that I was putting him to sleep.  I really like when he comes to visit, but I sure hope Mom gets better soon so she can come to see me; Dad says she is really grouchy because she doesn't feel good and because she can't come to visit...poor Reid!

I am still on the Vapotherm, but they have turned the settings down and I continue to breathe really well on my own.  I got a little tired of suntanning so I asked the nurse if she would please turn those lights off.  She did and said that I got an A+ on my bili score today.  Hopefully she won't turn them back on.  Mom thinks I like suntanning like her, but I think that stuff is for girls!

The milk is agreeing with me so far, but the nurses continue to monitor how well I am tolerating it.  If things continue to look good, then they will increase the amount of milk I receive.  Thank goodness, because I need to put some meat on these bones if I am ever going to be able to hold my own with my big bro.  He is a monster!

Well, I am getting pretty sleepy.  Thank you for all of your prayers; they are definitely working!  Hope to meet everyone soon!  Oh, and Geaux Tigers!!!

Beau Hudson

Mom loving on me

This is when the nurses were switching my masks out

Ahh...this is more like it

I have such a cool big brother...just not sure about that jacket!

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