Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 weeks old and my 1st Halloween!

I am 3 weeks old already (as of yesterday)! Sorry, I was busy planning my escape so I could go trick or treating around the NICU, so no time for blogging. In case you were wondering, the escape did not go as planned...turns out they have me trapped in this box and I have monitors coming out the wazoo. Nurses-1 Me-0. Nuts! I hear that Halloween stuff is pretty fun. That's what Big Brother Reid says, anyways.

Here is a rundown on what has been going on the past few days:

I had a busy weekend and got to meet more members of my family!! Saturday, I met my Aunt Chantal, Uncle "Zo", and Rere! They all live pretty far away so it was really good to finally meet them. Then on Sunday I got to visit with my Lala, Joe-Pa, and even my cool Aunt B!! Aunt Chantal and Uncle Zo couldn't get enough of me, so they came back for another visit too. Every time Aunt C comes, I try to climb out of my snuggler to see my future little baby cousin in her belly =). I'm going to have so many playmates when I finally bust out of this joint!

I have continued to misbehave with my A's and B's even on the Vapotherm. I think they have me figured out...I'm stubborn. What can I say, "I get it from my Momma...", well, and my Daddy for that matter. I'm so stubborn that when I have some of these spells, I keep holding my breath even when the nurses knock me around a bit. They usually have to "bag" me to give me some manual breaths before I say uncle. Mom was here today and saw one of my bad episodes for the first time. I didn't mean to upset her, but sometimes I just can't come out of it on my own. She rocked me after that, gave me a whipen, and threatened me a bit. Like I said before, poor Reid! The doctor also scolded me and turned the Vapotherm settings a little higher. Guess I like that little bit of extra air pressure because I have been on good behavior since lunch time.

Still tolerating the milk well. I'm up to a whopping 10 mL per hour that drips into my belly continuously. I kept trying to yank that little tube out of my mouth so they moved it to my nose. Ugh, these nurses just don't get the hint, do they?? But, the milk must be working because I am up to 3 pounds 8 ounces! They started adding an extra 4 calories per ounce of my milk. It sure brings a whole new meaning to the product muscle milk...I think my Dad has some in the pantry, lol!

Everything else is about the same, no real issues, and I'm going strong!! Can't wait to meet all of you! Here are some pictures from the past couple of days, including some pics of my cool Big Bro from Halloween!

Night everyone!
Beau Hudson

I can't figure out why the pictures post out of order, but you get the point!

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