Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peace out!!!

Okay, so we had more commotion, go figure. Mom says it comes with my last name (hehe, I think that was to be kept between us...guess I AM my father's son!).

So I was supposed to go home earlier in the week, but like I mentioned before, the nurses who had to set up my monitor had the flu. Not only that, but the caffeine was backordered at the walgreens warehouse...seriously?!?! So the doctors decided to go ahead and take me off of the caffeine in case mom was never able to fill the prescription, etc. etc. I suggested coca cola, the nurse said, "not so much". Anyway, when they take us little ones off of caffeine, they have to keep us here and monitor us for at least 5 days to make sure we don't have any of those episodes that I am so famous for.

GREAT episodes, I am eating wonderfully, passed my carseat test tonight, mom and I are having a slumber party in the hospital as we speak, and I am heading home tomorrow. Yes, I said it...HOME!!!

Just wanted to pass that along, but it's lights out time so I will let you know once we make it out of here.


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