Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BIG changes for lil 'ol me!

Hey everyone!  It's been a little while, but I just wanted to give you a run down on how everything is going now that I am 1/2 a year old...wow, where has the time gone??  Technically, 6 months old today, but my adjusted age is a measly 3 months.  As my title suggests, there have been some big changes in my life over the past week! 

First and foremost, I am apnea monitor free!!!  Yep, you heard me, no monitor, no cords, no nothing!  I am happy to report that even though that "piece of mind" for Mom and Dad is gone, they are still sleeping well during the night.  I say it is because they have faith in me =)  They are also tripping a lot less without those silly cords - it was pretty comical.  Guess this means they will be booting me out of their room soon and I will get to shack up with my big bro.  That should be interesting...the house cannot be built quick enough..."andale, andale" mi amigos!!  Just kidding, we get along really well, but he never leaves me alone (as you can see in some of my pics below)!

I have made it through RSV season pretty much untouched, minus that one cold I had, but no more synagis shots!  Without the shots and without my monitor, that means no more home health nurse checkups for me...I sure will miss them!

Next, I have started eating cereal.  Not too sure about this one yet, but if I am anything like my brother, I will be eating like a champ in no time!  After a week or so of cereal, doc says I can start on my veggies and go on as usual from there.  Dad is ready to feed me deer meat already!

As far as my growth goes, I am inching closer and closer to the curve for full term babies, but Doc said the rate at which I am growing is excellent, so good job, Mom!  My six month stats:  I am weighing 13 pounds, measuring 23 inches tall, and the circumference of my head is 16 inches.  Size 1 diapers are out and size 2 diapers are in!  I am rolling over, eating about 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours, smiling and laughing, and just loving life!  Still in first place for the best baby award - I sleep from 8:30 or 9:00 pm until about 9:00 the next morning, although my record is 10:30.  I am also still taking my midday 3-4 hour snooze.  This whole sleeping thing is great, not sure why all babies don't do this!! 

I had my first sleepover too!  Went to my Aunt Kimmie's house (she was one of my nurses while in the NICU) while Mom and Dad celebrated Aunt Da's wedding weekend in Nola...CONGRATS to them!  I was an angel...really, hardly even noticed my parents were gone.  Easiest babysitting job ever, in case anyone is interested in snuggling with me sometime =)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  I kind of like that holiday...lots of candy and such.  I think Mom accepted candy on my behalf to benefit herself, but I will just act like I don't see her digging in my basket.  Well, I guess that pretty much wraps it up for now.  The rest of the fam is doing well...Dad stays busy with work, Reid is still loving school, me, and being outside, and Mom is trying to keep up with all of us boys!  We hope that everyone is doing well!  Until next time, hugs and kisses from the Soulier's!


Brings a whole new meaning to invading my personal space.

I can't lie, he is a good big brother!

No, Reid, both of us cannot fit in here!

Me and my buddy, Sawyer, just hanging out!

You thought I was joking, he is ALWAYS all up in my personal space!

Yep, certified thumb sucker!  Mom is welcoming suggestions on how to stop me...

Look at me now!  Just in case you forgot how small I was...remember these??

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